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“विद्यया रक्षिता संस्कृतिः सर्वदा।
संस्कृतेर्मानवाः संस्कृता भूरिदा:।।“
Knowledge protects culture forever;
Cultured people share abundantly.

The philosophy of education at Vedaanta The Global School correlates with the term ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam'. In the present scenario, despite the differences of opinion, diversities of faiths and disparities in methods of working, people all around the world are coming nearer to each other. Physical distance is replaced by virtual distance. At this stage, moving forward in unison has become a necessity, hence bringing the ancient Indian slogan ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' to the fore. We, at Vedaanta, are committed to instruct young minds the philosophy of life in an easy way so that they are able to grow into responsible human beings. We role theyoung minds at the centre of learning, to foster the skills needed for them to think clearly, communicate effectively to make sound decisions and to discriminate among values.

Teaching In Digital Classroom

Air conditioned and spacious class rooms with digital smart boards.

Fitness Culture

Yoga & Meditation
Cricket Ground
Tennis Court
Rifle Shooting Area
Other/Co-curricular Activities

Balanced Diet

Our in-house mess provides whole-sumptuous meals, which is designed keeping in mind the growth requirements.

Balanced Environment

A perfect balanced environment between Aesthetic activities, Sports and Academic.


Principal's Message

Welcome to Vedaanta The Global School

Change is the end result of all true learning
– Leo Buscaglia

Through the years, I have often wondered about my responsibilities towards students as the head of an educational institution. Should I find it to be sufficient if my students are capable at academics? Is it enough if they get good scores and participate in compulsory co-curriculars? My ongoing journey tells me that success in terms of result is important, but that alone cannot be called a complete education.

Growth limited to problem solving capabilities is an incomplete growth, true growth must be a holistic endeavor . It is my time tested belief that physical, social and emotional skills combined with day-to-day scholastics are essential to having a bright future, these skills never fully mature if they are not honed right from childhood. Through my education philosophy I aim for all my students to graduate with a complete, well rounded personality.

Mrs. Poonam Shekhawat

Principal , Vedaanta The Global School

Our Vision and Mission


Our take on education has been shaped by the challenges which the modern day presents.

Exams and academic excellence have their place, but no longer does qualifying an exam guarantee a successful life or a bright future.

We firmly believe that ambitious, driven and independent learners are the ones who not only survive but thrive in a world where real world skills and original thought is of paramount importance

We try to nurture students, to whom learning is not a destination but a lifelong journey. We inculcate in our students values and habits which will ensure a lifetime of growth. Our ultimate goal is to enable students to achieve any dream or goal that they may put their sights on.


● To provide the necessary environment and activities which may encourage independent thought and action in all students.
● To provide students exposure to a wide variety of education and working fields in order to inspire genuine effort and realistic goal setting.
● To provide unparalleled learning support to each and every student without hand holding.
● To act as facilitators in their natural path as learners while stoking their innate ambitions and capabilities.
● To go the extra mile by reaching students beyond their textbooks, ensuring that each student may be guided through any trouble that they might face in their formative years.

Our Methodology

Our teaching methodology is an amalgamation of conventional and innovative techniques

Smart Technology

AC classrooms and WIFI enabled Campus

Holistic Educational Foundation

Classrooms, Storytelling Room, Montessori Lab, Smart Classes, Art and Craft Room, Dance Room, Music Room, Mini Theatre and more

Co-Curricular Activities

Volunteering, Dance, Athletic Events, Sports, Cultural Events, Participation in debates, quizzes, olympiads, and seminars


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    Digital Laboratory

    Why People Choose Our School


    Vedaanta The Global School , is a perfect amalgamation of best in class infra structure and most dedicated team.

    The whole campus is under CCTV surveillance.
    Each bus is fitted with GPS tracking device, speed governors and a lady attendant always accompanies the students while commuting.
    Bio metric system of attendance for all the students.
    Air conditioned and spacious class rooms with digital smart boards.
    IT education compulsory right from Nursery.
    Personality Development sessions for all the students Grade I upwards.
    The in-house mess provides whole and sumptuous meals, the diet plan and menu is specially designed keeping in mind the special growth requirements of today’s learners.
    Specially designed curriculum and a Hands-on teaching and learning environment catering to the needs of multiple learning styles.
    Cyclic Tests for regular and timely assessments.
    Special assemblies to help imbibe the important social and ethical values.
    A perfect balance between Aesthetic activities, Sports and Academic.
    Clear and effective communication between the parent fraternity and school.
    Age specific competitions, held once every month.
    Highly experienced and Qualified team for proper mentoring of all the learners.
    Periodic workshops and sessions for students as well as educators, to help us stay updated about the latest innovation and upgradations in the education industry.

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