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Principal's Message


Welcome to Vedaanta The Global School

Change is the end result of all true learning- Leo Buscaglia

Through the years, I have often wondered about my responsibilities towards students as the head of an educational institution. Should I find it to be sufficient if my students are capable at academics? Is it enough if they get good scores and participate in compulsory co-curriculars? My ongoing journey tells me that success in terms of result is important, but that alone cannot be called a complete education.

Growth limited to problem solving capabilities is an incomplete growth, true growth must be a holistic endeavor . It is my time tested belief that physical, social and emotional skills combined with day-to-day scholastics are essential to having a bright future, these skills never fully mature if they are not honed right from childhood. Through my education philosophy I aim for all my students to graduate with a complete, well rounded personality.

My approach to education, at its core, has the firm belief that each and every child is unique with the potential to be a fountainhead of greatness. Our attempts must then be focused on identifying their latent capabilities; building on their strengths and covering their weaknesses.

To put our philosophy into action, Vedaanta provides a safe yet explorative environment where children build their concepts through hands-on manipulatives, experiments and research aside from the traditional methods of conducting classes. To top that off we encourage the children at Vedaanta to be fearless and voice their opinions; communication is the key to success. A disciplined environment need not be a marshal one, an environment which inhibits students to speak can only dampen their growth.

Give a man a fish and he will come back for more, teach him fishing and he will never want for one again. We don’t believe in spoon feeding our young learners, we encourage them to arrive at solutions themselves while we guide and support them through the process.

By encouraging their minds to adapt to change on their own, we foster their analytical skills and critical thinking. A singular focus on results can often kill a child’s innate inquisitiveness to know more. Our focus on true learning ensures that our students become curious problem solvers, who come up with imaginative solutions which are highly valued in today’s modern world.

No address today is complete without acknowledging the effect COVID-19 pandemic has had on education. In our case we can proudly say that after connecting parents with Vedaanta The Global School through online access, the parents transformed into co-teachers and took part in the learning journey of their wards quite successfully.

Through the integration of parents we were able to mitigate a great deal of loss caused to students’ precious years of learning. In fact, we plan to take this renewed relationship forward in the times to come

Towards the end I promise to work tirelessly for the welfare of Vedaanta. When the young graduates walk out of the school gates for one last time, it is my sincerest hope that they will look back at their days here with fondness and may even feel a sense of belonging.

Staff at Vedaanta is committed and will continue to work together relentlessly with the priority of having every student’s best interest at heart. We keep ourselves abreast with changing trends in education.

My message to parents is to stay connected and involved in school activities. Our vision with your support will soon become an undeniable reality.